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Baby & Toddler Music Sessions
Kick start your child's development with diverso english baby and toddler music sessions. These groups provide a stepping stone for children preparing to go to playgroup or nursery. Children are provided with an environment in which they are able to play independently with other children, while still having the security of their parents close by. This can be a great aid in building a child's confidence and to help them learn and develop life skills. Classes are designed to give children and parents special bonding time together.
Our sessions are designed to inspire children to learn through the mediums of music, singing and movement, games and music making. The sessions will help children learn to, play percussion instruments expressively, sing songs, develop listening skills, hold a tune, and find the rhythm to dance to. Parents and guardians are actively encouraged to join in with the fun as the more enthusiastic you are, the more likely it is, your child will enjoy the class too! So choose diverso english to stimulate your child's imagination, improve language skills, make friends and have lots of fun!
These classes are for children aged 3 months to 5 years and must be accompanied by an adult up until the age of 3.

Children develop social skills such as sharing and waiting. It's important that toddlers not only enjoy being part of a group but actively participate in it. As they join in, they develop confidence and self expression through movement while a solid musical foundation is being laid. Singing encourages children to have the confidence to find their singing voice and to help them sing in tune. Listening aids concentration and develops the activity. Percussion playing explores different timbres, helps with coordination and develops a sense of pulse. Dancing develops confidence, self-expression and large motor skills. Rhythmic imitation develops listening skills and echoes different rhythmic patterns accurately. Rhymes develop and extend speech through the recognition of shape, pattern and form.

Mother & Baby Massage
Baby Massage is wonderful for soothing colic and wind, helping babies to sleep, building their digestive, circulatory and immune systems and much more. Classes also include weekly discussions and advice on a range of parenting topics to support you through early parenthood.

Mother & Baby Yoga
Baby Yoga compliments baby massage beautifully in that it builds on your baby's physical and mental developmental milestones and will aid your baby's brain development and your baby's sense of co-ordination, balance and sensory and motor skills.
Mother and baby